This is not a Bank

HODLCommunity collective savings infrastructure

HODLCommunity / HODLToken

HODLCommunity (HODLC) is an algorithmic token. While HODLC is measured against fiat currency, it’s not a crypto-currency in that it cannot be given away or transferred to another community member; HODLC must be purchased. Each purchase invokes the value increase mechanism, creating a cycle of value generation for the community members.

HODLToken (HODLT) is the simplest way to use HODLC. While HODLC cannot be transferred or given away, HODLT can. It can be used to make payments, offer rewards, donate to charity, conduct trades on centralized exchanges, or be given to your friends. HODLT is a transferable ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain as a smart contract. HODLT can be “locked” into a certificate by any HODLC owner but can be redeemed for HODLC at any time.

HODLC for Community Members

HODLC for community members looks to the original vision for HODL. It is a non-volatile financial instrument that offers predictable growth. HTrust enables HODLers to seamlessly manage their HODL from an online account, replicating a familiar banking landscape. Community members can buy or sell HODLC, issue or redeem HODLT, and exchange HODL for fiat currencies. Furthermore, an HTrust account enables the community member to leverage their HODL savings in disruptive financial services such as lending, financing, payment systems, and more.

HODLC for Community Merchants

HODLC for community merchants looks to the future. It is a safe and straightforward way for merchants to capitalize on their assets and capital savings. Merchants can distribute HTrust accounts and financial services to their clients. Merchants earn revenue based on transaction fees and promoting payment directly in HODL. Payments made in HODLT are directly deposited in the merchant’s HTrust account and start earning interest from the time of initial payment to the time of conversion into another asset or currency.
HODLC Redefined

HTrust was designed to be the most user-friendly online banking-like software for the use of the HODLCommunity. The platform is 100% web-based and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption.

HTrust allows community members to communicate securely with administrators through the secure encrypted messaging interface, and to perform instantaneous transfers of funds between accounts and community members, or by wire transfer to any bank in the world.

HTrust Mobile Apps

The world is mobile, and your HODLC should be, too. Although the HTrust web system works great on all devices, our app brings banking-like security and user-friendliness to the next level. Our mobile apps for iOS® and Android® allow the HODLCommunity to access services without a browser:

  • View balances and statements;
  • Transfer funds and HODLT between accounts;
  • Transfer funds and HODLT to other community members;
  • Buy and Sell HODL/Ether;
  • Transfer funds from accounts to HTrust cards;
  • Order outgoing bank transfers;
  • Send and receive secure messages;
  • View and update your HTrust profile.

The Mobile Apps connect to your existing HTrust account.

 Online Banking

Mobile and desktop applications in a familiar and intuitive environment.


Seamlessly manage your HODL in your online banking space.

 Disruptive Financial Services

Access to innovative financial solutions.

HClub Lifestyle

HClub is an exclusive private network for 1,000 early HTrust adopters and HODLers. Members receive a stylish metal credit card and are eligible for club membership privileges and activities. HClub promotes networking opportunities and recreational activities within the HODLCommunity. Annual membership fees and a percentage of the revenue will be dedicated to these activities. 

HClub members are visionaries and pathfinders, early adopters of the HODLCommunity who embody the spirit of HODL. HClub members envision a future of mass adoption via the simplification of HODL management provided by a familiar banking environment and interconnection with the traditional banking establishment.


  • HODLCommunity is an affordable way to access HTrust services. In keeping with the original vision of the project, HODLCommunity is open, egalitarian, and there is no limit on the number of participants.
  • For an annual fee of US $100.00, members receive:
  • Opening of an HTrust account;
  • Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering (AML/KYC);
  • One Visa or MasterCard;
  • Access to the loans (backed by your HODLC's) ;
  • Unlimited transactions;


  • Not everyone is a Pathfinder. Pathfinders blaze their own trails and share a profound affinity to support HODL’s future. Pathfinders are rare. Only 20 of them exist. Are you one?
  • For a one-time fee of US $5000.00 and an annual fee of US $100.00, members receive:
  • Opening of an HTrust account;
  • Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering (AML/KYC);
  • One exclusive metal Visa or MasterCard numbered 1 to 20;
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • No transaction fees (lifetime);
  • Access to the loans (backed by your HODLC's) ;
  • US $500 in HODLC added to your account.

Pathfinder Payment Program

  • All the benefits of a Pathfinder card with a simple payment program.
  • Is your heart a Pathfinder but your bank balance isn’t? We offer a transparent and straightforward payment plan for aspiring Pathfinders.
  • Four payments of US $1250.00 for a total of US $5000.00 and an annual fee of US $100.00.
  • That's right, we’re not charging a penny extra for paying in installments. However, your subscription will not begin until all four payments have been received.
  • If you need to cancel for some reason, simply contact us using the contact form below. We’ll reply with reimbursement details, minus transaction fees incurred by the payment processor.